Banking and payment solutions for high risk businesses

Banking and payment solutions for high risk businesses.

iPayTotal is very proud to introduce our Tier 3 Package to all our clients, including but not limited to Company Registration, Registered/Virtual Office Address, Global IBAN/SWIFT Accounts, and Merchant account solutions to accept payments.

iPayTotal was an idea started by three people three years ago, and their aims were clear: they were going to make it work.

They planted this small seed, but they didn’t hope for it to just grow on its own; they nurtured the growth of the company to put it up on its feet where it is today. Through intricately handled meetings, teams, and designs, they went up against every obstacle, only to come out stronger and bigger.

There were hindrances and hardships, but there was more hard work and ambition. Every entangled situation was thought over to provide the best service that we do to date.

And with this, we can say that we are a multimillion international company, with offices in countries like United States, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, and South Africa, providing services from Payment Acquiring to IBAN Accounts to Prepaid Cards, with partnerships and alliances with the top-level banks and financial organizations all around the globe.

We understand the pain and hassle behind setting up a new company, Confusing documentation, tedious process, delayed timelines, and the whole banking chaos in the process of setting up a bank and merchant account.

What a breeze of fresh air it will be if you get all these services under one roof! What if you can avail of all these services in one click, what if you can grab a cup of coffee, send us the requirements and let iPayTotal do all the hard work.

Let’s understand the whole process.

Offshore company setup.

Getting your company incorporated in your choice of jurisdiction is the first step and the most difficult one, you have to fight with the country compliance, their business terms, actually you have to make them understand why you want to incorporate a new business in their country, Sounds difficult right.Not so difficult for someone who knows the process, laws, and is already a veteran in the business.

Business banking.

Getting an international business bank account is mandatory if you want to expand globally and to connect to your clients worldwide, but thanks to super confusing and hard to understand AML and KYC policies, it becomes next to impossible to get one if you are not physically present. Most of the companies will promise you to provide a business bank account but with strenuous terms and conditions.Thanks to our extensive network of banking connections, with iPayTotal, you can get an international IBAN/SWIFT account with the least KYC and AML conditions clearly defined, with straightforward documentation.

Merchant account.

The last hurdle is to get a merchant account for your new or already existing business, to start accepting payments from your customers, which is quite easy with iPayTotal.

iPayTotal provides end-to-end high-risk merchant account payment solutions for businesses and consumers around the globe. Our National and International Connections with Acquiring Partners gives us the edge to offer Reliable Credit, Debit, and Echeck Processing to almost every industry which is considered high risk. No Matter if you are located in the USA, Australia, Latin America, EU, or Africa. We have the capabilities of getting the right payment processor for your high-risk merchant account.

We partner directly with numerous banks, specializing in hundreds of different high-risk industry types, all in efforts to get you legitimate approvals and processing solutions. We offer the kind of value and personalized service your business needs to get off the ground and grow.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a customized package specially designed for your payment needs and requirements.

Key benefits of accounts include.

Improved payments acceptance, settlement times and reconciliation because payments are made in the name of your underlying client Reduced AML and KYC risk as a result of an end to end transparency and clear segregation of funds Local clearing capability plus cross border payments through the SWIFT network Same-day settlement for SEPA payments.

Opening an account with the iPaytotal takes just a couple of days. Once set up, you can instantly send money to any country in the world. Your iPayTotal IBAN/SWIFT account is virtually global so you need one account in order to collect, hold, and send payments in multiple currencies and channels.

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