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At Ambiente we take pleasure in our work and love to socialize with our colleagues and partners. We see it as our job to convey that same feeling to our customers, through our beautiful collection of napkins and table accessories. Because that's what we do. We have been producing the finest collection of high-quality napkins and table decorations for over 25 years.

Our goal is to create products that bring pleasure and a cozy ambience to the home. Strong collaborations, unique designs and superior quality in a harmonious collection are our benchmarks.

Our collection consists mainly of high quality napkins in more than 240 changing designs per season. In addition, we produce a range of matching table accessories, such as candles, placemats, porcelain mugs, trays, kitchen towels, cushion covers, table runners, etc.

Our collections change twice a year, once for the spring and summer season and once for the autumn and Christmas season. In our own design studio, the latest trends and the feedback from our customers are taken into account in the development of the new collections. A high quality of products, both in material, execution and design is always a top priority for us. The complete production and logistics of the napkins, from initial idea and proofing to the shipping of box-packed orders, is done in-house so that we can check and guarantee the quality at every stage. A fast delivery time is an additional advantage of everything under one roof. The launch of each collection is accompanied by a hard copy and digital product catalogue per season.


As mentioned earlier; it is our goal to create products that bring pleasure and a cozy ambience to the home. We also want to make it easier for everyone to order our beautiful products. For example, by improving our webshop, looking for more salespoints or retailers, both physically and online and expanding our network. 

In addition, we strive for a personal service, where we think it is important that you as a customer have an enjoyable experience with us. That's why we make sure that we are reachable and helpful, for questions and information, but also for help with online ordering, requesting an account or catalogue or for service afterwards.

You can call, email or fax us or fill out an online contact form, we will contact you.


We would like to leave the greenest possible footprint in the area of energy and climate. We have taken this into account when building our new business premises in Beugen, which has been built in a sustainable way. For example, by using a heat pump installation that can heat or cool the entire building instead of traditional heat and cooling systems. In addition, only energy-efficient LED lighting and 100% green power are used.

In the production of our napkins, especially the printing part, we use environmentally friendly, water-borne inks without solvents. The tissue paper that we process into napkins consists of sustainably produced material.

FSC® certified

We are proud to have been FSC® certified since 2011, which ensures that our napkins are made from wood from responsibly managed forests and/or recycled material. The tissue paper we process is made of FSC® Mix certified material. The quality label protects and preserves forests for present and future generations.

Check out the FSC® certificate (license code FSC-C022208) of Ambiente Europe B.V. here.

In addition to our certification for FSC® Mix paper, we have also recently issued the FSC® Recycled certificate for our recycled (and unbleached) tissue paper.


Social media and press

We want to be easy to find and accessible to anyone who likes to see and read from us every now and then. We regularly publish short news stories or updates about designs and articles on our social media channels.

We are also regularly represented in magazines and on online portals, where various media write about our products and collections.
If you are interested in this, keep an eye on our publications.

Would you like to get more inspiration for stylish table decoration, styling tips for the annual family gathering or collect ideas for the season?
Take a look at our social media channels FacebookInstagram and Pinterest or click on "Inspirations".



Where can you find us?

Ambiente Europe is strategically located in the town of Beugen, near the German border in the south-east of the Netherlands.
Our growing network has already represented us in more than 70 countries.

View a complete list of our agents here.

Our collections can be found in various Cash & Carry's in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In addition, we can often be found at various (inter)national fairs and you can view and order the entire collection in the B2B webshop.

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